Moving accounts!

Hey there lovelies! Since I’ve made this account a sideblog to another account that I don’t frequently used, I figured it’s high time to set up shop else where. From now on I’ll be lurking over here, so if you’re still interested in following me scoot along over that way. Thank you!

Oh yeah, and I’ve been loading up the queue with lots of posts that I still really like from this blog, so there may be some repeats. Don’t worry though. It won’t spam you all at once.


My rainbow by ~BladMoran

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Parents: Why don't you come downstairs and socialize with the entire family?
Me: *goes downstairs*
Me: *gets insulted by entire family*
Me: *goes back upstairs*

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my life
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moscowprotection: Love #08 F/W 2012 by Mert and Marcus

All eye candy aside, the photo does truly have fantastic composition, else I wouldn’t share it…
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Conrad Roset
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Her name is ny and her partners name is bun dkjlgkfjlk look at this creativitytyuitre. artblockleavemealoneplease 

okay i don’t normally reblog furry stuff but this is cute
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